Company succession in the HealthCare sector

The topic of “company succession” in the HealthCare sector is increasingly in demand, according to Ines Löwentraut, Managing Director of Avivre Consult. Avivre Consult advises owners of care real estates -or care enterprises for nearly 20 years already before the sales of the real estates and/or operating company which can be sold, often the weak points are analysed together and optimized accordingly by the production of a measure catalog as well as their conversion thereby the sales proceeds.

This includes among other things a comprehensive Vendeur Due Diligence/Analysis with future check, to provide afterwards a sales prospectus or an info memorandum. Ines Löwentraut and her team provide transparent and professional support every step of the way, from the initial consultation with market analysis, company valuation and timetable, through the search for potential and suitable interested parties, to the preparation of the due diligence, a legally secure purchase agreement and follow-up.

Avivre Consult’s many years of expertise in the healthcare sector enable us to approach potential investors, funds and operators quickly, discreetly and professionally, and to handle contract negotiations discreetly. Especially in the HealthCare sector, it is often observed that no suitable successor is available from within the own ranks or the family to take over the facilities. This trend continues to rise, making it more important to seek professional support in M&A consulting that specializes in HealthCare real estate, reports Ines Löwentraut in conclusion. There was a total of 4.5 billion transactions in the health care sector in 2021, showing a strong, sustainable and yield-proof asset class.