Since 2005, support of M&A transactions for various, also internationally active clients with a volume of more than € 5 billion and a total portfolio of more than 700 locations with the following consulting and support services:

– Accompaniment of the purchase and/or sale of senior facilities

– Due diligence analyses of real estate and/or operating companies

– Equity raising and portfolio structuring

– Valuations for healthcare real estate

– Accompaniment of operator takeovers

– Valuation of properties for inclusion in a real estate fund

– Ranking of locations in a portfolio according to competitiveness

Selected reference examples 2018 – 2022

2018 M&A transaction, advising on the acquisition of operating company of the top 5 in the care sector, accompanying the takeover of senior residences at one of the largest operator chains in Germany. 140 inpatient care facilities with assisted living and outpatient services facilities in 8 German states.

2018 M&A transaction purchase nursing real estate mixed portfolio inpatient care and assisted living.

2018 M&A transaction, assisting and supporting the acquisition negotiations of an operating company with approximately 60 facilities in 9 states by ranking the portfolio in terms of operational and construction competitiveness. In addition, preparation of location and competition analyses as well as visits to selected facilities in the portfolio.

2019 Product launch in the care sector of a digital service platform for social carriers and care services. Smart care, smart home, smart city, e-health.

2019 Accompanied M&A transaction operating company with approx. 50 locations in 9 federal states for foreign investor. The overall portfolio was evaluated and assessed regarding its competitiveness compared to competitors and the sites classified as critical were analysed in detail about competition, building condition, future check, state of refurbishment and profitability.

2020 Hessen neighbourhood development for approx. 2,300 people with residential units, school, day-care center, shopping facilities and assisted living.

2020/21 Support of various investors & operator searches for clinics (MVZ and rehab) and senior facilities. Private equity, real estate funds & investment funds.

2021 Product launch for Connected HealthCare (Telecare, Telehealth, Connected Services).

2021 Project development of several nursing facilities with day care and assisted living at various locations nationwide including DD analyses, operator check, succession planning and investor search.

2021 Search contract expansion critical care nationwide.

2021 Monitoring of nursing properties for property owners nationwide.

2022 Company succession in the health care sector for nursing home operators

2022 Support of an ongoing M&A transaction of several nursing home properties Buyer due diligence, M&A transactions for operating companies of medium-sized operators

2022 Cooperation and collaboration with one of the largest credit card companies worldwide for implementation in the HealthCare sector and in the social economy

2022 Investor search project development outpatient care center: specialist center, health care provider, residential, surgery center training center

2022 Vendor DD, accompaniment & support in the sale of a family business real estate and operating company care

2022 Cooperation with international investors on market entry into Germany in the health care sector

2022 Project development, Neighbourhood development of several care facilities with day care and assisted living at several locations nationwide including DD analyses, operator search including operator check and investor search.

Basic support services in M&A transactions

In larger M&A transactions, it is important to filter out from the multitude of locations/facilities those that may be considered critical and could jeopardize the overall success of the transaction and/or the future viability of the overall portfolio. Even if the property is not in the operator’s portfolio, it is advisable to visit the facilities located in the desktop analysis, as the success of an operator depends in no small part on the ambiance and condition of the property and its associated appeal to a buyer.

Ranking of the portfolio under structural and operational aspects

To locate the critical locations/facilities as well as the facilities/locations that are conspicuous from a business point of view, 7-15 different parameters are examined, weighted and evaluated based on Avivre Consult’s empirical values, depending on the data available. Each individual area is rated on a 10-point scale after the results have been presented. The portfolio sites are ranked in 3 categories (“positive”, “neutral” and “critical”).

Ranking under competitive aspects

To locate the critical points from a competitive point of view, a ranking system is also used as already described above, which initially concentrates on some quickly ascertainable key data. The procedure for ranking the portfolio is analogous to that described above.

Review of the sites/facilities classified as critical

For the real estate analysis aspect, the future viability of the property is primarily evaluated based on the condition of the individual real estate areas in terms of liveability, ambiance, floor space ratios and need for renovation.

In addition, statements are made about the future viability of the property about the laws that apply in the respective federal state, as well as building specifications.

The real estate analysis is rounded off by a photo documentation, which addresses, among other things, special features and conspicuous features of the property. For the aspect of the location analysis, a report is also prepared which, in addition to the definition of the competitors, the demanders, the catchment areas and the demand level, includes an estimation and evaluation of the population size as well as the number of potential demanders in the defined catchment areas, the current supply level and, if possible, an estimation of the supply level to be expected in the future.