Services for Investors

Avivre Consult’s key areas include giving advice on questions concerning strategy, financing and M&A. We initiate contact between buyers and sellers and provide virtual data rooms. A location and competition analysis provides security when searching for the right investment. Avivre Consult also offers restructuring concepts for existing facilities, which may be experiencing an economic downturn. Additionally, we can take on the management of on-site facility restructuring.

Our yearly facility audits give investors the necessary security of being able to secure long-term rental fees.

The individual elements of our business activities are as follows:

You are toying with the idea of buying or selling healthcare property but are unsure as to the long-term chances of success at a particular location? Our comprehensive location and competitor analysis will help.

Such an analysis is a prerequisite for successfully purchasing or financing a healthcare property. Using a modular structure, the analysis can be individually tailored to your expectations and requirements. This can range from a short analysis using just a few selected assessment criteria, to a complete analysis based on location, competition, property and cost-effectiveness. Up to 50 individual criteria are incorporated into the overall assessment of the location and of the property.

You would like to purchase a healthcare property, but are uncertain as to whether or not it would be competitive and economically viable to operate? In this case, a prospective economic evaluation would be advisable.

We assess the cost-effectiveness of both the facility and its operator. Using strategic analysis, we are able to derive the target audience, the design and concept for the facility in question.
Using a plausibility check, we are able to assess planning, building and business costs, the marketing concept and the positioning of the facility in a specific market.

You would like to monitor the growth in value of your healthcare property? Our audits will help.
The assessment of residential care facilities in the form of yearly audits (quality controls) guarantees the profitability of the real estate for the investor (real estate owner) and for the operator of the facility.
The assessment deals with the real estate itself (use of real estate, quality of services, maintenance status and consequent cost-effectiveness), as well as regulatory requirements (laws and regulations, their implementation and considerations).
You would like to increase the cost-effectiveness of your healthcare property by improving management or by restructuring, eventually selling the real estate profitably?

Firstly, we would undertake the optimization of the business in terms of structural, process and performance quality. If required, we would also search for a new operator.

Secondly, we would take on the qualitative, operative and structural restructuring of your healthcare real estate, searching for a buyer or operator again if needed.

Optimization of operational activities and an increase in profitability are of paramount importance during this process. Long-term profitability must be maintained, despite any economic downturns which may occur.

Measures taken include:

  • Company analysis (evaluation of service quality and of the real estate)
  • Provisional planning (increasing efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness)
  • Preparation of marketing and personnel concepts
  • Liquidity planning
  • Interim Management, external management and/or company board takeovers

You want to acquire or sell a healthcare property? Or you are looking for a suitable business successor?
We would accompany you during this divestment process, create a divestment brochure and be present during negotiations between buyer and seller. Even if you are looking for a business successor or a joint venture, our market contacts, know-how and expertise will be invaluable.
Would you like to know the net value of your healthcare property?
We can calculate the earning power of your medical care centre, rehabilitation clinic or healthcare property and determine the gross cash flow.
During a sale, you would like to have all relevant documents for selected interested parties to hand, irrespective of their location?
Our virtual data room will help you. All of your confidential information will be readily available, clearly organized and secure.
Want to make your business operations even more efficient?
We will analyze your operating concept, work out your enterprise’s potential and determine the next steps. We would then gladly assist with the supervision and implementation of the results.
A conflict needs to be resolved and you would prefer a solution without resorting to court intervention?
In this case, we would offer you mediation. Mediation is regarded by Avivre Consult as a structured and voluntary procedure leading to the constructive resolution of a conflict. We will support you during this process as a mediator in order to reach a mutual agreement.
Looking for investors for a healthcare project?
We can help by organizing and accompanying you on a presentation tour (road show) for analysts and potential investors. We would assist you to present your business and its strategy in the best possible way. We would portray the long-term prospects of your projects or funds to national and international institutional and private investors.
You need to identify the risks involved in a healthcare property or a business transaction?
We can help with the systematic compilation and assessment of risks, suggesting measures to mitigate them. We perform a detailed inspection of the real estate and/or the business, an operator analysis (quality and cost-effectiveness), and a portfolio analysis (third party use, future risks and liquidation options). If required, we can help to search for a new business operator.