Optimisation of Operations

We are happy to apply our trade-specific knowledge and experience to optimize the operational aspects of your healthcare and welfare facility.

The individual elements of our business activities are as follows:

You would like to monitor the growth in value of your business? Our audits will help.
The assessment of residential care facilities in the form of yearly audits (quality controls) guarantees the profitability of the business. The assessment relates to the business itself (quality of services and subsequent cost-effectiveness), and the regulatory requirements (laws and regulations, their implementation and conditions).
You want to increase the profitability of your business by improving management, eventually selling the business profitably?

We will undertake the optimization of the business in terms of structural, process and performance quality. We would also search for a new operator if required.

Optimization of operational activities and an increase in profitability are of paramount importance. Long-term profitability must be maintained, despite any economic downturns which may occur.

Our services for you:

  • Business analysis (evaluation of service quality and of the real estate)
  • Planning measures (increase in efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness)
  • Creation of marketing, business and personnel concepts
  • Liquidity planning, financial analysis
  • Interim Management, acquisition of external management and/or the company board of executives

You would like to know the net value of your business?
We will determine the net value of your medical care centre, rehabilitation clinic or healthcare property and calculate the gross cash flow.
You want to make your business operations even more efficient?
We will analyze your operating concept, work out your enterprise’s potential and determine the next steps. We would then gladly assist with the supervision and implementation of the results.

You require an effective succession plan for your business?

We will create an age distribution analysis for your business, clarifying any necessary replacements. In so doing, we will ensure that there is adequate time for an effective transfer of knowledge and networks. We will analyze your acquisition options (internal and external) and decide on a suitable personnel recruitment approach. We will support you during the candidate selection and assessment phases, and also during the training process. Our considerable market knowledge and extensive contact network will be invaluable during this time.

A conflict needs to be resolved and you would prefer a solution without resorting to court intervention?

In this case, we offer mediation. Mediation is regarded by Avivre Consult as a structured and voluntary procedure leading to the constructive resolution of a conflict. We would support you during this process as a mediator in order to reach a mutual agreement.