Product Launch

You are new in the German healthcare market, its rules and specific features are still new to you? You are looking for a partner, who has knowledge in this market and will accompany you while introducing your product? Use the long-term experiences of Avivre Consult. As specialists in the healthcare branch for more than 12 years we will implement a target-oriented product launch.
Avivre Consult supports you:

  • Identification of your targets
    • Identification of the target of the product launch
    • Identification of the target groups
    • Research of peculiarities of the target groups

  • Project design
    • Forecast of project costs
    • Forecast of time exposure and project flow

  • Becoming acquainted with the market
    • Market analysis
    • Research of the rules concerning the access to the market and of the current control mechanisms

  • Development of an introduction concept
    • Development of a communication concept
    • Preparation of advertising material and search for the appropriate Advertising media
    • Search for suitable events and fairs

  • Support of your product after product launch